Web Services

We have you covered from start to finish

At Centeq Networking we get your business back on track from the first consultation and brain storming process to giving your business a fresh new look through design and finally get you online with our web hosting and web design packages available at an affordable rate..

"Don't know what you need? Call us for a FREE consultation and let us create a strategic plan for you and your business. We take care of everything so that you can focus on what's important to your business."

 Website Hosting

Web Site Hosting

Lets get you started by placing your website on our network servers

Web Server Hosting

Web Server Hosting

Host your server on our network, ensuring 24-hour access to your server

Domain Name Services

Domain Name Services

Registration of your desired domain names on the Internet

Anti-Virus Mail protection

Anti-Virus Mail Protection

Ensure that all mail is scanned for viruses before being delivered

Spam mail Protection

Spam Mail Management

Ensure that all mail is scanned by SpamCop for blacklisted sites

ISP Services

Other ISP Services

Centeq offers a large variety of ISP services for you to choose from

Web Design

Web Design

Design and development of Web sites ensuring the most cost effective solution

Technical Support

Technical Support

Need advice or assistance from a professional. Call us for technical support