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Wide Area Network Services

Centeq will be responsible for the operation and management of the entire Wide Area Network, including WAN hardware and software, integration of third party activities and provision of WAN availability in accordance with agreed Service levels.

"Technology is like water; it wants to find its level. So if you hook up your computer to a billion other computers, it just makes sense that a tremendous share of the resources you want to use - not only text or media but processing power too - will be located remotely."
- Marc Andreessen

Local Area Network Services

Centeq will be responsible for the installation, maintenance, administration and management of all Local Area Networks, including design, security management, inventory and licensing of all software.

Contracting Services

Optional contracting with Certified Novell Engineers (CNE), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE)

local network cabling

IT Maintenance

Warranty Services

Centeq offers two warranty methods to the customer: The first method is a standard manufacturer warranty, which involves the customer to diagnose, and carry-in the defective components to the nearest Centeq repair centre.

On-site Hardware Maintenance is designed to ensure fast diagnosis and repair of hardware equipment and devices. Flexible and cost efficient Hardware Maintenance agreements provide for the supply of all parts and labour necessary to return the system to operational status. A variety of service options, with guaranteed response times, permit the Hardware Maintenance agreements to be customized to meet customers' particular operational and business objectives.

Helpdesk and Desktop Support Services

A centralized call dispatch service desk is located in Cape Town and is available to all clients. Customer calls are logged after the customer has detailed the fault to the operator who immediately issues a reference number. An engineer is simultaneously scheduled to affect the repair. The turnaround time is dependent on the customer's service level agreement.

Centeq will provide the services required to assist users with their desktop systems, like MS Office, planning the Mail system for optimum operation, administration of gateways and advanced statistical analysis of traffic, advanced trouble-shooting and fault finding.

IT help desk

System Design

From PC-based local area networks to mid-range computers, today's computer systems offer impressive levels f power, while still providing low operating costs, easy usage and simple processing. Centeq can help your company merge existing hardware and software with new technologies to create a fully integrated system.

Our expert team will design the network topology of your choice and implement the solutions, e.g.:

  • Ethernet LANs
  • Switched LANs
  • Voice over Data
  • SDSL LAN to Internet
  • TCP/IP Networks and addressing structures
  • Router Networks
  • Dial-up Networks
  • Extra-, Intra- and Internet infrastructures
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Data Management
  • Desktop Support Services
  • LAN & WAN Solutions
  • Project Management
  • System Audits
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Voice over IP Solutions