Strategic Consulting

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Centeq strategic consulting practice encompasses many different high-level services, including re-engineering, enterprise analysis and design, as well as reviews of state-of-the-art technologies. Our professionals identify clients' specific problems and available technical solutions, while determining the effects of that technology on the clients' business. We match the most sensible technologies to each clients' particular needs.

"Since most hardware platforms and operating systems are on a par with each other, the real issue is, How do I make everything work together?"

Combining years of experience in network design and implementation, our consultants will begin the process by collecting key information and reviewing your current network topology. They will model your network using your existing application data (i.e. topology and traffic information), or data that can be generated by our network sniffer. From the model, which includes detailed topology diagrams and real-time user data, they'll generate recommendations for your specific requirements regarding network design, capacity planning, or application-deployment decisions.

Our consulting service has been designed to assist in the design, implementation, development and/or re-evaluation of communications systems, in order that it can best match future business objectives and IT strategies. The formulation of an effective future proof communications strategy, based on international standards, is achieved by first undertaking a thorough review of a customer's incumbent voice and data networks.

We specialize in the analysis (problem detection), resolution and stabilization of computer networks. Our objective is to detect and solve network problems, whatever they may be, combined with ongoing quality network support.

As integration specialist, Centeq provides consulting services to corporations on how to gain the competitive advantage by integrating all levels of information technology, including the applications.

Consulting services:

  • Executive Business / I.T. Planning
  • Equipment Selection
  • I.T. Strategy Planning
  • Software Selection
  • Future directions